Verona hosts an exhibition of town twinning between Russia and Italy

The exhibition of the town twinning between Russia and Italy will be held on October 24-25 2019 in Piazza Bra of Verona within the framework of the Eurasian Forum, said the President of the Conoscere Eurasia Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banca Intesa.

“This year, on October 23, there will be a concert of Tchaikovsky Orchestra at the Verona Philharmonic Theatre. And during the days of the Forum (October 24-25) in Piazza Bra, main square of Verona, there will be a very interesting exhibition of town twinning between Russia and Italy with their visualization on a geographical level. We have decided to show this way how our countries are interconnected and how much they are close to each other, despite the actual geopolitical situation,” Fallico said at the press conference “Russia today.”

The XII Economic Eurasian Forum will be held in Verona on October 24-25. The main theme of the event is “The Art of Innovation: Economy of trust and business diplomacy from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” Organizers of the Forum are the Conoscere Eurasia Association, the Roscongress Foundation and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. More than 40 countries are expected to participate in this year’s event.